3年の歳月をかけ、私たちが私たちの為に特別に仕立てた、純国産TシャツSIROとKUROをキャンバスに、アートデザイナー・KIICHI WATANABEが、ひとつひとつ手掛けるモーターサイクル・アートは全て一点物、世界に"ひとつ"はあなたの"ひとつ"かもしれません。



We "WHITE TEES & BLACK MOTO" break a custom of the everyday world and industry, the trend and the fashion off boundlessly or are the motorcycle art brand for the people who try to refuse and advance the way which seems to be itself.All collections by which an art designer and KIICHI WATANABE draw the T-shirt made in Japan we were training as our purpose especially in canvas are a thing one point.The one by which one is I in the world. Please, please find me the first suitable for you.
Welcome to the world of LIGHT and DARKNESS. Thank you.